Code portfolio



Project website: http://github.com/l0ner/bcut

A better cut utility. I needed a *nix cut utility with ability to count the fields from the end of the line. So I wrote it. In Python since I was learning python at the time and needed some exercise.



Project website: http://github.com/thewtex/tmux-mem-cpu-load

A simple, lightweight program provided for system monitoring in the status line of tmux.

I've did code refactoring that led to version 3.0.0, NetBSD, OpenBSD and FreeBSD ports, some bugfixes and getopt() based argument parsing.

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Assignments and others

Various assignments I did for online programming courses and simple stuff done for the pleasure of coding and challenge or for exercise

Old and abandoned

Old stuff I did years ago and I'm not ever going back to (probably)


Project website: http://github.com/l0ner/neurohelper

A project I did for my maturity in 2011. Game master assistant for a Polish pen&paper role playing game called Neuroshima. Aim was to keep track of Players main characteristics, modifiers, abilities and inventory. Written in C++ and Qt4. Unfinished and abandoned since I don't play Neuroshima that much anymore. Note that I didn't know much about objective programming in C++ at the time I was writing this, so there are bugs and memory leaks everywhere.

Project website: http://github.com/l0ner/sysstat

Experiment of sorts. Started as tmux-mem-cpu-load fork. I was curious how the thing would look using objects. Works, but I'm not going to maintain nor develop it further.

Project website: http://github.com/l0ner/video4psp

Video converter for Sony PSP. Batch conversions and hardsubbing of ASS (both external and ambedded in media file) was my main goals in terms of features. Written in Bash and based on mediainfo, mplayer and ffmpeg with aac and x265 support. Abandoned since I don't travel by bus/train anymore and thus don't use my PSP to watch movies.