I’ve begun playing “Afterfall Insanity”. Just a bunch of my opinions after playing it for 10 minutes.

  • The camera is too damn close to protagonist
  • Whole graphics is too fuzzy. Too much of blur effect for me.
  • Audio: I’m playing english version and the actors sound simply unprofessional.
  • Leaving Polish names in the english version was a really bad idea.
  • Combat: it’s pretty annoying that our character can perform only one move. Besides whole system is too stiff.
  • Actor play: this is damn unrealistic too. Their movements are just… wrong. Too artificial.
  • Every text i heard up until now was really stiff. Unnatural.
  • I like idea of the whole shelter being so big that it needs internal railway. This is something I was expecting from fallout vaults and I’ve never get.