Today, while reading rss stream form planet KDE i’ve stumbled upon a Jaroslaw Staniek’s comment about Locus OS. He called it “Failed MS plasma”. I became curious so i googled a little. What i found made me astonished.

Apparently whole idea was to build modular based computer system , where if user needs more power, he buys new modules and attach them to main control unit. But i didn’t want to write about this. What I wanted to write about is OS that would be running on this system. After watching video, and some screenshots, i loved it. It would be ideal for mobile PC and NetBooks. Sadly it’s only idea that was made for 2008 Microsoft next Gen computer comp made by Barton Smith. But we have open-source community, why not make something like this (of course after contacting author if we can use his idea). I think it’s far better than anything I’ve seen as NetBook UI.

Below video presentation and some links if You want to read more about it.

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